Our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes registering is free for the buyer. Artist or owners of art you can unlimited upload your work. You register easily on Facebook or email. (Note! No hotmail account)

From Facebook we only get the following information: profile picture, name and email address.

We send you weekly a newsletter with new listings of artist. You can easily cancel your registration. We will never sell your private information to other companies.

You make a profile with a happy trustful picture, a description about yourself. When you are the artist you tell about your inspiration, education. When you are a owner or art collector you tell more about your art passion. You add art to your listing, make a title about the ‘work”, and very important tell something about the work. Here you have to sell your work. When a gallery owner can tell nothing about the art it will loose its value. Storytelling can also work inspiring.

We can use the storytelling of the art work to promote in campaigns.

  • The concept of Artshare.eu is the same concept as airbnb.com.
  • The online market place is personal and connecting people with the same interest for art.
  • Previous users rate the host on conditions and comment on conditions of delivering, problems etc.
  • Verification with facebook and paypal against fraud.
  • On Artshare.eu a local can buy art safe global.
  • Artshare.eu is the only online platform in Europe where you can rent your art. This concept is brand new!
  • Artshare.eu is the online platform where artist can sell their art with buyers in Europe.
  • Artshare.eu is a European community platform for artlovers.
  • Artshare.eu select only professional local artist within Europe.
  • Imagine that a client in London buy a painting from a artist through Artshare.eu in Ibiza.
  • Imagine that you can make a profit renting your art through Artshare as a artist or owner of art. You can choose simply if you want to rent or sell your art. And you can switch easily.
  • The buyer’s protection covers the risk when the art is not delivered or not according the description. (see PayPal conditions)
  • Online discussion on a art work are possible on the page of the artist.
  • We are active on the following social media: Facebook, Intagram, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • Artist
  • Art Collectors
  • Art owners
  • Galleries
  • Paintings figurative or abstract
  • Photographs
  • Etches
Artshare.eu is not place where you will find the old Dutch master pieces you will find on art fair's like Tefaf or PAN Amsterdam.
You will find on artshare.eu the local professional artist.
The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, for example 660x440 pixel or 1500x1000 pixel.
If the uploaded image ratio is within 20% of the 3:2 ratio, for example 680x440, it will be cropped to the target ratio (660x440) to avoid gray bars on the sides.
If the image is not even close to the target ratio (e.g. more than 20% should be cropped), for example 1200x440, no cropping will happen at all.
The ideal image ratio should be 1:1, for example 600x600 pixel or 1100x1100 pixel.
Always use a picture that express happiness and trust.
You can use a basic image editor (like Paint) or some online tools like Cropp.me or Cut My Pic.
No that is not allowed. Only if you pay though PayPal you will get the buyers protection.
There is no benefit for the buyer because the owner of art pays a fee and not the buyer.
Besides the owner of art gets a higher rating and the more reviews you get as a seller the more you will sell in future.
Yes! If we notice that the artist or owner of art is passing Artshare.eu he can loose his account.
Also the buyer can loose his account in case of fraud.
But we will look and investigate every case seriously.

You select filter>all listing types> and choose rent art.
You book for a certain period and after you contact the artist or owner of art about the conditions of delivering.

Renting art is always local never global. You rent you art in the country you life and make conditions with the lessee. At the location of delivery you sign the rental contract that you can download here.

Making art accessible for all europeans and connecting passionate artlovers.
No, the artist have to had exposed your work at a gallery or exhibition in the past.